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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 03:00 am

Fame Registry

Since 2007

Kelli Roberts founded in 2007. After working with professional domainers, she realized the data used to value a domain name could be modified to determine the popularity of pornstars. From there, she set out to create the Fame Registry. Kelli began tracking just a handful of famous pornstars, but over the past 15 years, the database has grown to more than 5,000. Nowadays, millions of people check the Fame Registry to find pornstar popularity.


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None of our rankings are based on the opinion of one “expert” or a selected group of “industry professionals” like you may find at other sites. Instead, we use actual statistical data, which is the only way to get accurate numbers on popularity.

It seems everyone has an opinion about who the most popular porn stars are. A month doesn’t go by when some publication or another isn’t putting out some arbitrary list of top-ranked porn stars. Some will rank them based on movie sales or reader input, and others will put together lists based on no real rhyme or reason. Opinions are opinions; I wanted to know who was the most popular porn star based on scientific data.

Fame Registry keeps track of an extensive list of porn stars. It ranks them in order of popularity using various public data to produce these rankings, including Internet search engine popularity, website traffic, domain name value, and more. Each pornstar is rated on a unique point system that is compiled by tracking Alexa Traffic Reports, Google Term Frequency, Overture Keyword Rating, Wordtracker Searches for their first and last name, Estibot Domain name values, Penthouse Pet status, and last but not least the number of awards won from AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, Pornhub and Nightmoves.

To oversimplify a very confusing and complicated system, we rank each porn star in the database based on how well they perform in a few public sources. For example, we rank all the porn stars for the traffic to their website, we then rank them based on how often their name appears on Google, how many times a day someone searches for their name, and then give a set number of points for those rankings and then add them all up to determine who is the hottest porn star.

Because the internet is ever-evolving and data changes often, we also include the last time the ranking was performed in each report and update data from each source periodically.

There are thousands of porn stars – most we have never heard of, and then there are the stars we have, such as Eva Angelina, Tera Patrick, Bree Olson, Stormy Daniels, and Briana Banks. But how do you know which of these stars is the most popular? And what factor determines her popularity? Is a porn star the most popular if she has the most Facebook friends or has won the most industry awards? Or is she most popular if she’s appeared in magazines more than the others?

We updated our rankings monthly

Fame Registry compiles a list of top-rated porn stars and ranks them in order of popularity based on a variety of REAL data. As there is no central record-keeping source for popularity data, most people simply project who they think is most popular based on random sales data from various sources which are often skewed or only partially correct data. Until now there has been no real attempt to accurately list the porn stars in order of popularity based on real data.

Fame Registry uses proprietary algorithms that take into account several measures of popularity for porn stars. The primary forms of measure include who people are looking for when they search for porn stars using major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile, and Metacrawler. In addition, we factor in the popularity of a porn star’s official website, specifically based on total traffic to the site itself and their number of followers and friends a porn star may have on popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

What’s important to note is that all data used is publicly available and comes from no one specific source so that no one porn star is dependent on anyone’s source to judge his or her popularity. In other words, we don’t feel anyone’s source of data is truly accurate or a true judge of the overall popularity of a porn star. Instead, we use a variety of sources and compile the list each month based on the entire scope of the data.