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Top 10 Female Pornstars


Welcome to our top 10 hottest porn stars list. These are the 10 most popular female Porn Stars on the globe as of right now.


How frequently is your Top 10 Porn Star List updated?


Just like our top 100 and all other porn star categories on the Fame registry, this list is updated every month, showing you the most popular entertainers that are still actively performing in the business.


By actively performing, we mean those that have been active in the last 6 to 12 months in one way or another.


How do you choose the 10 Best Female Pornstars?


The 10 best female Pornstars are selected using our longstanding, famous, and reputable algorithm.


We always say we can never reveal the secret to our formula. However, we can tell a couple of ingredients that go into our magic recipe. Some of the methods used to assign points and accurately position these adult stars based on rankings include social media popularity and search engine volume. We also look at several other sources to determine the 10 best female porn stars in the world.


Do other sources rank different Porn Stars as the Top Ten?


Of course, every source will be ranking Porn Stars differently; most rank the top ten Pornstars based on nothing more than human votes or decisions; some may rank based on the hits that the Pornstar receives on their platform. Sure, this method tracks popularity in some way, but it’s not entirely accurate. was founded over a decade ago and is still considered one of the famous, fair, and most accurate porn star ranking tools globally. Not to mention, we are one of the largest as we are currently tracking over 5,000 Pornstars.


Are we missing someone from our Top 10 Hottest List?


We track and rank porn stars on our database. If you have searched our database and believe that we are missing someone, please Contact Us.