Briana Banks


Stared in Porn1999
Career StatusRetired
Year Born1979
Western ZodiacGemini
Eastern ZodiacSheep
Cup SizeDD
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

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Briana Banks is a beautiful blonde, wild, nymphomaniac who seems born to be a model/porn star. Briana was featured on the cover of the June 2001 Penthouse and in a 12-page Pet of the Month pictorial and centerfold shot by famed photographer Earl Miller. She was also on the cover of the May 2001 issue of Club magazine, and the centerfold for the April 2001 issue of High Society. All of that coverage caught of the of Vivid.

In was in June of 2001 that the then 22-year-old, German-born Briana signed a two-year contract for a minimum of nine features per year. One of her first movies for Vivid is still one of her most popular to this day, “Briana loves Jenna”. Briana’s contract was renewed at the end of her 2 years and she remains one of Vivid’s most well-loved starlets … a true fan favorite.

Briana, a one-time insurance auditor who started her modeling career as a teenage fashion model in Europe, says she is thrilled to have been chosen as a Vivid Girl. “The adult field is my passion and I feel that being a Vivid Girl is the pinnacle for anyone interested in erotic acting,” she says.

Briana says her hobbies include Super motocross, snowboarding, and surfing. Her favorite mainstream movies include “Casino”, “Scarface” and “King Pin”. Music-wise she loves The Dave Mathews Bad and Linkin Park.

When Briana Banks first got into the business she started dating well known porn stud Bobby Vitale. They dated for about two years and finally married in 2003. Although I’m not sure when they divorced, Briana said in 2006 she has been with her current boyfriend for almost a year so that means that Briana Banks and Bobby Vitale weren’t married more than about a year. So it seems that Briana’s breakup with Bobby Vitale was just about the time she cleaned up her act.

Our insider sources that were close to Briana say that before cleaning herself up, Briana was a mess. She was by all accounts an extremely heavy drug user and most who knew her wouldn’t be surprised to wake up one day and hear they found Briana dead in a ditch somewhere. She was out of control but she was so amazingly hot people put up with it. Thankfully some people who truly care about Briana got her some help and Vivid stood behind her. When she got out of rehab they were they waiting with open arms willing to support her through the rough times and see her through to a bright new future.

With Vivid’s help, the new clean Briana has seen her career skyrocket. She is one of the most popular porn stars now in the industry. Some sources say Briana Banks is the #3 most popular porn star with Jenna Jameson first and Tera Patrick second but some don’t include Jenna Jameson in the list because she has officially retired and sold off her brand to Playboy … making Briana Banks #2. Some base the list of porn star popularity solely on Internet searches, and based on that alone, in January of 2007 Briana Banks and Tera Patrick are neck and neck. Briana Banks had 146,036 and Tera Patrick was at 147,600 (numbers based on Overture published results). Extremely close! However Jenna Jameson still sits atop with 4x as much, at 401,828.

Is Briana retired? No. For most of 2007 and early into 2008 Briana is on what is called a reduced work schedule but that doesn’t mean she’s slacking by any means. Rumor has it Briana is just saving herself for the big projects and it seems to be paying off! At the 2008 AVN Awards which was held on January 12, 2008 in Las Vegas Briana Banks was given the award for best actress in a film for her work in the movie Layout.

In January of 2008 Briana did an interview for xcitement online magazine which said that she was moved back to LA is has returned to work full time. “I missed everyone. I missed Vivid. I am so glad to be back with them. They are a great company. I have been with them for so long, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.” When asked where she had been for the last two years she said “Pittsburgh. I am very happy to be back in LA. I think I needed to leave and clear my head and get everything back together. I actually missed porn. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I came back.”

It was in this interview that Briana addressed the issue of her weight gain. Briana Banks keep in mind is very tall and stands an amazing 5 foot 10 inches. So according to a weight chart, a small framed person of her height should weigh around 132 to 145 pounds. Briana said “I put on a little bit of weight while I was living in Pittsburgh because they eat hoagies and pierogies and drink a lot of beer. They are so good. They are deadly though. So I had to drop about twenty pounds, so I went to the gym every day for two hours for the last two months to prepare for my movie. Everyone has been saying that I look better than I ever did. I feel healthy. I’m in a good place right now. I am at 130 right now, which is good for me. If I go below 130 I lose my tushy. That is the first thing that goes.”

Briana also revealed that she and her boyfriend from Pittsburgh that she was with the last two years are no longer together and that the breakup was hard but she’s happy now and that she’s again living with her little sister who spends her time as the manager of a pet store and is a big animal lover. So it seems Briana raised her well.

Briana Banks Won These Awards

  • 2001 Nightmoves Best New Starlet
  • 2009 AVN Hall Of Fame
  • 2016 XRCO XRCO Hall Of Fame
  • 2017 XRCO Best Cumback

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So whatever happened to Briana? Well after taking a nice little break from porn she decided to make a return.  Of course, by then the industry was drastically different.  Tube sites, illegal downloads, and free porn had changed the entire industry and that included the way porn was made.  In fact, the production of porn was down at that time by some estimates, as much as half from when Briana was with Vivid.

Briana talked to a few companies about a contract but in the end, decided she would stay independent and work with all kinds of companies instead of just one.  She had met a guy years before on Myspace and he offered to help her revive her official website, which by most accounts wasn’t probably the best idea. Quite a few people complained about the site calling it amateurish. I personally didn’t think it was that bad but there was a lot of uproar over it from others.

Briana Banks did attempt to make a return to making movies, although, with the state of the economy and the downturn in productions, she doesn’t make as many as she did before.  As a performer her skills are unmatched and her die-hard fans are beyond happy to see her back in front of the camera in 2016, however, it turned out to be a short-lived return. Briana is now officially retired.